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Our Values

Coastal Cliff

We started Lakewood Shaw because we were inspired to do Search "The Right Way" We care deeply about our client success and candidate experience from the start and throughout the process. This is why over 50% of our business comes from referrals. Many come from Leaders who have recommended Lakewood Shaw.

Our values are straightforward:-


Do the "right thing" for our clients

Honest, candid, straightforward and clear

Do what we say we will do

Wrapped around these vales we offer:-

  • A diverse and inclusive shortlist, and do our best to deliver this every single time

  • Pace and energy to search.

  • Relentless in our pursuit for the high performing talent who is open to a conversation. Highly connect in the sector we know many of the very best Leaders

  • We consider ourselves an extension of our yourselves and align to your brand, values and mission. 

  • Every mandate is personally delivered.

  • It's personal, we highly rate emotional intelligence and never underestimate the emotional element.

Connected, Collegiate, Collaborative and Challenge 

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